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Four simple steps to open plan success.


The Key to a successful and modern look is a keen eye for utilising space and making good use of what you do have. Fineline is expertly versed in organising your living space to suit your home decor. Below are a few highlights on the most important aspects to open plan success.

Creating a focus point

When trying to organise your space, an empty room can make the task seem utterly daunting. One of the best ways to start is to choose an object to set as your focal piece. Whether it be a large wardrobe or a stylish coffee table, having a centralised object which draws attention to the eye can make all the difference.

Floor carpets define space.

It may not be as obvious as it seems, but the correct use of floor rugs and carpets in your interior design can serve a practical function. Floor rugs help centralise your space and outline foot traffic. Moreover, carpets add colour, soften the textures, and create a unifying aesthetic.

Try several floral arrangements

If you enjoy your botanicals then don't be afraid to use them to brighten up your living space. Plants add vivid and contrasting colours which accentuate the look and feel of minimalist spaces. Whether you like large 6-foot ferns or potted shrubs aligned in size, bringing mother nature into your home is an unerring move to maximize your final look.

Utilise wall space

You can have all the accessories under the sun but a blank and dull wall can make your room feel cavernous and empty. Here is where our infinity range excels...

Spruce up your room by incorporating our infinity wardrobe by fully utilising that empty wall and seamless melding form with function from floor to ceiling, click here for more

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