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6 Ways to get kids toys and spaces organised in 2021


 With kids at home more than ever we need to get more organised so that we keep our space fresh and neat. Children are more likely to play with their new gifts. The older toys lie forgotten for the moment, as the new are more interesting, on the floor or in the corner of their bedroom because their toy box or cupboard is too full.

Here are 6 ways to keep the playroom fresh and the spaces neat and tidy.

Rotate new and old toys
Keep your children stimulated by packing old toys into the cupboard and then bringing out a few different ones. Rotate these regularly, perhaps every week, so that they get to play with all their different toys and they learn how to keep their toys organised and tidily stored.

Balance the space with closed cupboards and open play tables
Mix up your children's play area with closed cupboards as well as open play tables where they can keep unfinished things like creative crafts or jigsaw puzzles which can't necessarily be completed at one sitting. Teach them to keep this table organised too, like with their cupboards, and encourage them to return to these until they have been completed.

Create creative spaces
Invest time with your child in picking out dolls or cars in a way that makes them excited. Build a small track or garage for the cars. Make a house for the barbie out of an old box that you can paint and decorate. A small amount of effort from you will go a long way to getting your child to care and organise their space.

Create separate spaces for siblings
If your children fight with their siblings, create separate spaces for them, even in a small corner where they can have some alone time with their favourite things. Lay down the law around how that space should be kept and how their brother or sister must ask permission to play in their space. This teaches children to respect boundaries.

Reward for neatly organised spaces
Decide how you want to reward them for keeping their own space neat and orderly - maybe simply verbal praise and recognition will be enough or perhaps letting them stay up a little bit longer etc. to teach them the value of orderliness and experience the pleasure of being praised.

Give old toys to Charity
Teach your children how to give back and how to give happiness to the less fortunate by donating their no longer wanted toys to a charity.

Now is the time, with your kids at home more, to teach them the value of having their own space and how to keep it neat and organised and how to respect the private space of their siblings and others.

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