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Four simple steps to open plan success.

The Key to a successful and modern look is a keen eye for utilising space and making good use of what you do have. Fineline is expertly versed in organising your living space to suit your home decor. Below are a few highlights on the most important aspects to open plan success. Creating a focus point When trying to organise your space, an empty roo...
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6 Ways to get kids toys and spaces organised in 2021

  With kids at home more than ever we need to get more organised so that we keep our space fresh and neat. Children are more likely to play with their new gifts. The older toys lie forgotten for the moment, as the new are more interesting, on the floor or in the corner of their bedroom because their toy box or cupboard is too full. Here are 6 ...
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Reinvent Your Wardrobe and Start A Capsule Wardrobe

  Are you fed up with finding nothing to wear each morning? You try this on, and that on, spin around and check in the mirrors but nothing fits or seems right or comfortable. It seems you need to reinvent your clothing cupboard and start a capsule wardrobe. Here's how... What is a capsule wardrobe? It's a limited and small collection of clothi...
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Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s day with a surprise wardrobe or custom shoe cupboard.

Out with the normal this year and do something different for your loved one this Valentine's day! What about a surprise wardrobe makeover? Or a custom shoe cupboard? Are you stumped for a Valentine's gift for your loved one? Flowers and a dinner just for two just won't cut it this year. You really want it to be quite special, something out of the o...
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5 Practical Ways to Optimise Your Wardrobe and Bedroom Space

  You've had such a busy festive season that you haven't had time to keep your bedroom organised! This disarray is a total frustration to you. So you've decided it's now or never! You just HAVE to optimise your wardrobe and bedroom space. Here we suggest 5 practical ways to optimise your bedroom and clothing cupboard: 1. Declutter The first st...
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5 Shoe Cupboard Hacks

Yes, we're all guilty of it! Kicking off our shoes - just anywhere - as soon as we get home after a long exhausting day at the office, sinking with relief into our favourite comfy spot on the couch, with our feet up, to relax and regroup, with our shoes lying around and completely forgotten. Some of us are shoe crazy and have loads of beautiful sho...
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What you wear defines who you are

Even if your wardrobe is full of a mixture of colours, there is always one colour that features more prominently. That's because this is the colour that makes you feel more confident, comfortable and happy. That's the colour that defines who you are. Open your cupboard and take a look, now see what your bedroom cupboard reveals about you. Black - i...
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2021 Décor Trends For Wardrobes

Wardrobes are essentials in our bedroom spaces that we simply cannot do without. But, while they seem to fill so much of the room space, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be aesthetically pleasing. We've done some research on the 2021 décor trends for wardrobes on your behalf. From North America, to Australia and New Zealand, to South Africa, we'...
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Fashion essentials for your 2021 wardrobe

This year sees the return of many previous fashion fads. But, that doesn't mean you need a brand new wardrobe, just choose a few that appeal and add these to what you already have to update your look for 2021. However, if you are one of those who likes to be on trend, then here are some fashions we should find in your 2021 bedroom cupboard. Embelli...
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5 appetising lunch box ideas for the new 2021 you!

Become a lunch box expert! Keep it simple, keep it healthy, use leftovers wherever possible and always include variety, balance, colour, freshness and fun to appeal. Choosing a mix each day from some healthy options like these below is sure to tempt and tantalise those taste buds. Getting organised and planning your daily meals will help you stay a...
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6 Festive Season Last Minute Shopping Hacks

The festive season is almost here BUT you still have some last minute shopping to do! You can't believe that you have left it so late! It's going to be so stressful with the frantic crowds of shoppers all with the same idea in mind! Well, here are 6 constructive shopping hacks to help speed up your last minute festive season shopping... Make a shop...
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5 Holiday Packing Tips: From Wardrobe To Suitcase

Finally! Your holiday is here, but deciding on what clothing to pack in your suitcase is already stressing you out. Here are some recommendations for maximising suitcase space and minimising creasing your garments and your suitcase weight. 1. Perfect your Outfit Planning Be sure to check the weather before making a list of the outfits for your trip...
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Wardrobes And Accessories For Easier Day To Day Living

  Do you know we spend on average 7 hours a day in our bedrooms? It's your safe haven where you relax away from the world and all its problems. We, at Fineline, believe that this is a space worth keeping organised and beautiful. Is your wardrobe an eyesore with disorganised clothes overspilling the drawers? Does your wardrobe seem to take up s...
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Elegant Infinity Home organisers to inspire you

Clutter! Clutter! Just everywhere - in your lounge, in your bedroom - and it really is getting too much to endure! But be calm, take a moment, close your eyes and visualise: Opening your wardrobe doors to a picture of beautiful orderliness - your clothes hanging neatly - your jerseys and denim jeans organised in smart stacks on shelves - your shoes...
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Fun, interesting things to do in December in Johannesburg

What, you're not taking leave this December! So,it's to be a December spent in Johannesburg for you! Well, luckily we've found some interesting local things for you and your family to do that should cater for, and please, all tastes. For animal lovers: Montecasino Bird Park, Fourways Is home to over 142 species of birds, a collection of African cyc...
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5 Summer Wardrobe Hacks

Here are 5 handy wardrobe hacks for summer you MUST know... Organise Your Summer Clothing Like A Pro! Don't you hate those morning routines when you have to hunt for your outfit - sometimes making you late? Get your cupboard organised so, at a glance, you can grab what's needed for that day's outfit: Arrange your summer hanging items in colours in ...
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Fineline Wardrobes - no fuss, designer options

If you're looking for a fuss-free designer wardrobe solution, Fineline Solutions has just what you need! Whatever you are looking for - a wardrobe upgrade or a new custom-designed wardrobe - we have a variety of stylish products that we can customise to your needs. Wardrobes are essential storage items in a home so surely their aesthetics should al...
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4 Fresh Aromas to Transform Your Wardrobe

  Tired of that stale, musty smell in your wardrobe? And how annoying are those tiny moth- and insect-eaten holes which spoil your clothes? Here are 4 pleasant aromas to make your wardrobe smell great that moths and insects loathe…. Use essential oils Not only will essential oil aromas freshen up any wardrobe space but some with their health-e...
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Cupboard pest and mildew protection- 6 USEFUL TIPS!

Clothes are expensive and properly caring for them can be challenging in our busy schedules. How frustrating and upsetting is it when you want to wear your clothes again, especially your favourites - you take them out of your wardrobe and they smell musty, have visible dirty marks and stains or little teeny holes from being eaten by bugs and moths?...
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8 Suggestions for Non-toxic, kids & pet friendly home cleaning products

As responsible parents, we spend a lot of time and effort safeguarding the health and well-being of our children and pets. So it makes sense that we should also try to eliminate or minimise their daily exposure to harmful chemicals such as those found in the majority of the commercial cleaning products we use in our homes - whether we buy pet frien...
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